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Jan kooi has been working as a designer for over 18 years. He started his architectural career in the Netherlands at Mecanoo and developed himself as a Lead Designer at De Zwarte Hond in Rotterdam.

He broadened his architectural skills in San Francisco, where he lived and worked for 5 years at NBBJ and WRNS.

In recent years he also started designing products like furniture, lighting, bags and ceramics. As with all his designs, his goal is to keep it simple, and staying close to the essence of it’s purpose.

A selection of the design work can be found under ‘architecture’ and ‘product’.

Besides design, Jan has a strong passion for photography. He has a strong interest in urban landscapes and the beauty of nature. A selection of his work is displayed under ‘Photography’.

All photographs can be obtained for publication or as mounted artwork.

Contact him for more details.